Which table height to choose?

When buying a table, whether it is a dining table, a coffee table or a high table, you do not always realize the dimensions and its height. Nevertheless, when the time comes to make your own table, take measures et know exactly its height becomes indispensable. 

This is why it seemed useful to us to explain the different table heights to you depending on the type of furniture you want to create. 

How high for my dining table?

La height of a table (distance between the ground and the surface of the platform) is usually included  between 72 and 75 cmTaking into account that a table top measure at minimum 2,5 cm thick, you will need to choose 71 cm table legs to get a standard size table. 


Note, however, that several criteria must be taken into account before buying your table legs

  • THE thickness of your table top : For example, if it is 7cm, you will need to choose 68cm legs to get a 75cm high table. 
  • Your size : if you are short, you will need a lower table and vice versa if you are tall. As a benchmark, remember that when seated, your elbows (when resting on the table) should normally form a right angle with the table. 
  • THEseated : it is advisable to leave 25 to 30 cm of space between the bottom of the top and the seat. 


Know that at Ripaton, we make sure to offer you a range of products available in tailor-made allowing you to best meet your needs. 

Our selection of Ripaton legs for your dining table:

And for the size of the plateau?

Did you know that it takes approximately 60 cm wide per person present at the table? 

To know the length of the top, you just have to multiply 60 cm by the number of people you want to have at your table. For example, for a table of 8 people (3 on each side and 1 person at each end of the table), you will need a table 180 cm long (3 x 60 cm).  

Then, with regard to the width, count  90 cm minimum (standard size) ! Thus, if you want to put more than one person at the end of the table, you will have to increase the dimensions. 

This example is also valid for square tables!

dimensions diagram for 8-person dining table top

If you want a round table, opt for a 120 cm diameter for a table of 6 people or 150 cm for 8 people. The space required between each guest is the same for each table (approximately 60 cm).

8-person round table diagram

And the seat?

If you have a standard dining table of about 75 cm (feet and top included), we advise you to use a seat approximately 45 cm high that is to say between 25 and 30 cm below the board. Nevertheless, this height obviously varies according to the type of table (dining table, high table) and seat. For a high table, around 95 cm high (see below), 70 cm seats will be perfect! 

seat height diagram

What height should I choose for my coffee table?

A coffee table is very useful in a living room both for storing books or trinkets. It also allows you to enjoy a TV set on Saturday evening or a friendly moment with friends. However, eating on a coffee table can quickly become unpleasant if the height of the latter is not suitable. 

photo credit: @lilly_and_thefrenchie

And yet! Choosing the most suitable table for your living room is very easy. Simply : 

  • compare the height of your table to that of the seat of your sofa. We recommend that you do not have a table higher than your sofa, but rather the same height or only slightly lower. Knowing that a coffee table varies between 25 and 45 cm, you just have to measure the height of your seat to know the size to choose. 
  • define its usefulness. Is your table only used to put down your magazines or highlight certain decorative objects? Do you like to eat in front of the TV? Depending on your use, you will have to opt for a higher or lower table. 
    • Between 25 and 40 cm to enjoy a TV set or an aperitif with friends (40 cm being considered as the “standard” height). 
    • Less than 25 cm to allow you to store your belongings without being too visible. Be careful, tables less than 25 cm high are very low tables! So, be sure to take your measurements before making your choice. 
    • If you want a real side table or a pedestal table to place at the end of the sofa, we advise you to take a height greater than 40 cm.


Here is a small selection of our feet that you can perfectly use for coffee tables with a height of legs ranging from 16 to 50 cm! 

What is the ideal height for my high table and bar?

Do you have 65-70 cm stools or chairs and don't know what to do with them? Make a table called “high table" with some 90 cm table legs height. Add a top that is at least 2,5 cm thick to obtain a table of 92,5 cm. 

À note: the ideal size for a high table is included between 92 and 95 cm

Comme landmark, you can refer to the height of your worktop because if the latter is of standard size, it measures between 90 and 93 cm

But remember, the table height may be slightly different depending on the expectations. Here again, the tailor-made will allow you to create a table that fully meets your needs. 

You want to create a bar ? Choose a 110 cm foot, add a tray (2,5 cm minimum) and you're done. Below? Arrange bar stools about 75 cm high that will allow you to sit down without cluttering the room. 

photo credit: @stephen_ganci

Our selection of Ripaton legs for your high table or bar:

Making your table is a great DIY idea allowing you to let your creativity run free. However, as you may have seen, it is important to take action before you start your creation. To do this, here is what to remember from this article: 

How high for my dining table? 

A standard table is usually included between 72 and 75 cm. So choose 71 cm table legs and a top about 2,5 cm thick. 

What about my coffee table? 

The most common size for a coffee table isabout 40 cm. However, it can vary between 25 cm (or less) and more than 40 cm depending on your needs and your use. 

What height for my high table and my worktop? 

Usually a high table measures between 92 and 95 cm in height. EOnce again, the latter varies according to your desires. Ditto for the workplan standard height is 90 or 93 cm, but yours may be higher or lower. 

Low tableDinner tableHigh tableCash
between 25 to 45 cmbetween 72 and 75 cmbetween 92 and 95 cmbetween 100 and 110 cm

Find all our advice, tips and DIY to help you create your table! 

Do not hesitate to share your creations with us! 

The Ripaton team 🚀

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