Which central table leg should I choose for my table?

We recently gave you some indications on the height to choose according to the type of table. If you haven't read our article, there's nothing stopping you from doing so by just clicking here. Today we wanted to tell you more about the central table leg best suited to your table. 

You've probably seen them before: our “Elegant” and “Harmonious” legs, perfect for creating an elegant and ergonomic table. But how about knowing more about these two central feet before making your choice?

Which table leg to choose for a rectangular top?

The Elegant: For a central table leg in Mikado.

With its original shape, this central foot provides robustness and solidity incomparable. Despite its low weight (15 kg), it can carry any platform, even the most imposing, since it supports up to 300 kg. Its shape will allow you to give a unique style to your indoor or outdoor table!

For what type of tray?

mikado table diagram

Get the BONUS: height of 72 cm, the 77 cm wide and 132 cm length, we advise you to opt for a mikado if your table top measures at least 180 cm long and 80 cm wide. However, to ensure good stability, we recommend a table top no more than 270 cm long and 140 cm wide.

Regarding the thickness, as usual, we recommend a tray of 2,5 cm minimum.

For how many people ?

Depending on the length of your tray, you can accommodate up to 10 people at your table. Indeed, as we explained to you in our article “Which table height to choose ? ”, You must leave at least 60 cm of space between each guest. Thus, for a 180 cm long tray, 3 people can sit on each side of the table. If you want to put one person at each end of the table, opt for a 90 cm wide top. 

If your tray is 240 cm long and 90 cm (minimum) wide, you will get a table of 10 people (4 people on either side of the table and 1 person at the end of the table).

table top dimension diagram

What foot for a round or square top?

L'Harmonieux: our special round (and square) table leg!

Sa steel round shape allows it to be ideal for round tables, oval indeed square. Solid, it supports trays weighing up to 150 kg. This central drum table foot will allow you to give a real touch of elegance to your table without taking up space and reducing space. Adopt it, in small model (diameters of 20 cm and 40 cm) or large (diameters of 40 cm and 60 cm), it will transform your table in no time!

For how many guests?

Our “Harmonious” drum stand has been specially designed for round table tops. Available in 2 formats, it will allow you to welcome 2 to 8 people.

You want a small dining table for 4 people maximum ? Opt for the small model “Harmonious” with a high diameter of 20 cm and a low diameter of 40 cm. The big model (top diameter of 40 cm / bottom diameter of 60 cm) will allow you toaccommodate from 6 to 8 people

Which tray format to choose?

8-person round table diagram

As we told you above, our harmonious foot has been specially designed for round tables. Regarding the choice of the plate we advise you a diameter not exceeding 160 cm for the larger foot model. This dimension will ensure good solidity and allow you to spend pleasant moments around the table in complete stability! 

In addition, with a 160 cm diameter top you can accommodate up to 8 people without running out of space: the size normally recommended for a round table. 8 people being 150 cm in diameter

And for the thickness? Always the same: 2,5 cm minimum! 

What type of top for my table leg?

Top in wood, chipboard, marble or recycled plastic, our “Harmonious” or “Elegant” feet adapt and attach easily to any type of support. 

For the Mikado, 16 screws are designed to attach the foot to your table top. For our drum foot, the 7 (small model) and 10 (big model) drilling holes will allow you to correctly fix your foot to your support.  

Want to bring rustic charm and style to your table? Opt for an oak or beech wood top. If you want to be more exotic, choose woods such as teak or eucalyptus that are perfectly resistant to humidity (a good idea for an outdoor table).

Le wood has the main advantage of being very resistant at the time and adapts to any type of interior : modern or more traditional. You can therefore adopt it without any problem! Remember to varnish it before use.  

photo credit: studio-mcgree
For more minimalist and modern interior, use a marble (or marble effect). A support in shades of white, gray or even black will give a real character to your dining table and will go perfectly with a harmonious or black mikado foot. If you want more originality: adopt the recycled plastic trend and choose a tray made from this material. You can find different aspects: terrazzo effect, neutral, or colored. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you!

And as we keep reminding you: “the only limit is your imagination!

To summarize this article, here is a summary table of the key information to remember if you are hesitating between a Mikado or Harmonieux table leg:




Harmonious small model

Harmonious large model

Foot dimensions

Length: 132 cm

Width: 77 cm

Height: 72 in. (XNUMX cm)

Top diameter: 20 cm

Bottom diameter: 40 cm

Top diameter: 40 cm

Bottom diameter: 60 cm

Tray dimension

Length: from 180 to 270 cm

Width: 80 to 140 cm

Diameter 80 cm 

Diameter 160 cm (maximum)

Tray shape


Round, oval, square

Round, oval, square

Number of persons

10 people maximum

of 2 4 people to

of 6 8 people to

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