What natural and sustainable materials for your interior decoration?

       In recent years, the need and the need to preserve the environment have not ceased to be felt. A craze for natural, durable materials has appeared and these are now part of the major decorating trends. No need to introduce them to you: le wood, marble, sandstone or rattan, have invested our interior and are now one with the decoration and the furniture. New trends in natural and / or sustainable materials have also emerged such as decoration in terracotta or the recycled plastic !

       We have decided to bring together some of these sustainable materials and advise you on how to use them to furnish and decorate your interior. 🍃

I. Minerals at home: 

How is it sustainable?

       Although originally called “sandstone”, the detrital sedimentary rock, that is to say the rock composed of 50% debris from other rocks, solid and used mainly in building stone, paving or sculpture; there is also sandstone said “stoneware”. This type of sandstone is composed of clay with a high silica content. 

       But how does that make it a sustainable material? When the clay (rich in silica) is fired at very high temperature (1200 ° c minimum) we obtain what is called a vitrification of the earth. This vitrification then makes the porcelain stoneware major et very resistant thus allowing a longevity and Sustainability of the product.  

What to do with porcelain stoneware? 

       Did you think stoneware tableware was old-fashioned? Well, think again! This is one of the trends of recent years. His simple, mat and refined appearance allows it to adapt to all types of interiors and to bring a touch of simplicity and refinement at your table. These gray and beige colors will go very well with a cozy and cocooning spirit. A black porcelain stoneware tableware will blend perfectly with a more designer, modern or even minimalist decoration. Its simplicity and neutral tones will allow you to mix textures and natural materials to complete your decoration while remaining in trend.

         For example, to give a natural feel to your table, choose beige porcelain stoneware tableware and place it on a powder pink hemp tablecloth (very trendy material this year). Then play with the trendy materials 2021 such as: wood, rattan, or velvet and add wooden cutlery, velvet seat cushions and rattan placemats to your table. Decorate it all with dried flowers for a natural country chic style table! 

photo credit: @bloomingville

       Do you want to think big and use stoneware on large surfaces? Adopt it in floor tile et redecorate your interior. To be placed on the floor or on the wall, the choice is up to you! It comes in several colors in neutral tones or more colorful. To give a magnitude effect and clean style, we recommend using beige, cream or slightly gray tones. In addition, these colors have the advantage of adapting to all types of interiors. So don't wait any longer and choose the color that will enlarge and give a real character to your room!


         If you have a green thumb, you surely use it for your flower pots! Indeed, many are made of terracotta. This mixture of clay and water, fired at high temperature and giving an ocher (and porous) rendering, is widely used for the manufacture of pottery, sculptures, but also bricks, tiles or tiles since it ensures a Sustainability and high resistance to climatic conditions (heat, cold, frost). It also guarantees excellent isolation et impermeability and is also non-flammable ! Its composition of water and clay only, prevents the creation and proliferation of molds that appear in high humidity (+ 45%).

       However, although terracotta has many advantages that make it a durable and natural material, be sure to use it with care because it remains an easily breakable material under the effect of an impact.  

photo credit: @shopmylife

But how do I use terracotta in my decoration?

   Widely used for “big” jobs (construction, crafts, gardening, etc.), terracotta products also invade our interior. This is one of the trends and here is the reason. Warm tones of type terracotta are in vogue in recent years, what puts them terracotta tiles in the front of the scene. This floor in orange-brown colors, easily adapts to all types of interiors to provide a rustic touch to your decoration. 


as an accessory

       If you do not want to put terracotta on large surfaces, you can choose a few decorative elements that will bring small natural touches to your interior. For example, you have the option of repotting your plants in terracotta pots that you can then place inside or in your garden: natural, simplicity, sobriety et authenticity insured!

     Do you want more originality? Opt for terracotta lights to dress up your living room and illuminate your rooms. ☀️

photo credit: @

photo credit: @

    Finally, you can also adopt this material for your dishes since terracotta is also trendy for the kitchen. Be careful, however, to use it correctly! Never place your (terracotta) dish straight out of the oven on a surface that is too cold or in the refrigerator as it could crack or crack.

       For themaintenance, it is not recommended to put it in the dishwasher or leave it to soak in dishwater. Wash it gently in lukewarm water without using too much washing up liquid. Rinse then let dry (completely) before storing your dish in a dry place.

Marble: between refinement, sobriety and timelessness

         Marble, meaning “shimmering stone” or “resplendent stone” in Greek, is originally a so-called metamorphic rock (rock transforming depending on the soil and following a rise in temperature or pressure) derived from limestone and composed largely of calcite crystals.

       However, today, in architecture and art, we call "marble" limestone that is hard and solid enough to be polished to make it shiny. His marbled effect and color vary according to the color and the nature of the stone which composes it.

        There is indeed more than 500 varieties of marble ! One of them stands out for its white color and gray veins: the White marble from Carrara (Italy). However, if you want to be original and stand out, you can opt for black marble (Spanish quarries), red marble Languedoc-Roussillon (also present in the Alicante region, or Verona). If you want something more exotic, choose a green marble from Guatemala

How do I integrate marble into my decoration?

     Whether used sparingly or in abundance, marble is a flagship piece of recent years. Indeed, renowned for its presence on the floor of our bathroom or as a worktop in our kitchen, marble is now installed as decorative objects in all rooms of your home. No need to use it only in worktop in your kitchen ! You can very well replace your earthenware with marble tiles to give a trendy, sober and refined spirit to your kitchen.

     Even better, why not use it as dining table top ? To bring modernism to your dining room, choose a marble top color of your choice and add black steel table legs. Your table will be a real success! And the good news: you can do the exact same thing with your coffee table.


Our selection of steel legs for your marble table

example steel legs for creating a dining table
example 2 steel legs for table
example of 3 steel legs for creating a dining table

        To bring elegance and chic to your bathroom, choose marble washbasins or accessories such as bathroom sets. If you want to put marble on your walls, stick some marble tiles in your shower and choose a tray (marble) of the same color. This will allow it to be delimited, if it is for example a walk-in shower, from the rest of the room.

     You will understand, you can use marble in any room in your home and in different forms. Be careful, however, to use it well! Indeed, although it is very resistant (heat, scratches,…) and durable, it remains a fragile material.

       Be sure to cover with a varnish (very important in your kitchen for example) to protect it from stains. Also take care that it does not undergo strong impacts, at the risk of cracks appearing. 

photo credit: @

II. Opt for plant-based materials 

       Now it's time to talk about plant materials : trends for several years already! Whether it is the rattan, bambou, or wood, these natural materials are all the rage in our interiors. We would like to give you more information on the origin of these materials and on how you can integrate them into your decoration. 🌱

Rattan: between natural charm and solidity:

       Rattan comes from different plant species (palm trees) from Southeast Asia. The lianas used for the manufacture of furniture consist of several intertwined fibers that allow to obtain a solid material. In addition, it is a 100% natural material that you can use as well for indoor and outdoor furniture. Its composition allows it to resist shocks and humidity since rattan is rot-proof: practical for outdoor furniture!

       Be careful not to leave it in a too humid environment who would risk deform and D'damage the furniture. In addition, you can easily move and arrange your rattan furniture differently thanks to their lightness.  

photo credit: @

How to adopt rattan at home?

     How to resist the charm of this 100% natural plant material ? You must have seen or maybe you had rattan armchairs in your home. Rattan is gaining in place and becoming a trendy material to have at home.

      In addition to the armchair in the living room, you can have rattan lights in your rooms for a warm and subdued atmosphere. Then, decorate your living room with green plants and add a rattan pot cover. This material will give your interior a bohemian style : a trend that everyone dreams of adopting! 

         In the bedroom, think about the rattan headboard which will make it possible to dress your room without overloading it and which will also bring a bohemian touch to your room. You will feel like in a cocoon! Then arrange mirrors or rattan frames to add natural to your room. And if you have children, you can also love a rattan children's bed!

       It is obvious that this material adapts very easily to your interior and becomes one with your decoration. Be careful, however, not to overdo it! Better to bet on a substantial element such as a bed, a headboard, a bookcase or an armchair and add some accessories such as a flowerpot. The 100% rattan decorations would overload the room and not make your beautiful furniture stand out.

photo credit: @

Bamboo to furnish your interior

        You are probably wondering what the use of these large rods, cylindrical and hollow, in your home. Well know that in reality the bamboo is 2,5 times stronger than oak ! In addition to being very resistant to weight, it heat resistant very well and humidity. Already widely used in Asia (country of origin), it is gaining more and more ground in France and is one of the natural trends in recent years.

          We offer you here a selection of ideas to adopt this plant native to Asia and America. 

“Bamboo is a very resistant material since it is

2,5 times stronger than oak. ” 

        You want to bring serenity et zenitude to your interior? Bamboo is the natural element for you! In addition to being able touse in its original appearance as a separation / hedge in your garden for example, more and more furniture is made from bamboo. Bathroom shelves, bookcases, tables, lights, the choices are diverse and varied.

        For example, you will have the possibility to create a cozy space by choosing bamboo suspensions for a cozy atmosphere, and by arranging a light bamboo bookcase on a terracotta-colored wall to warm the room. Add to that a few frames, garlands and dried flowers (trend 2021) and you will have a cocooning room in which you can stay there for hours to rest.

photo credit: @MOSO

       If you are using bamboo on larger areas, you can opt for parquet. The resistance of this material will allow you to keep your floor for many years and to install it in all types of rooms: living room, bedrooms, or even bathroom sinceit does not move even in damp places !

         Another interesting idea: the use of bamboo glulam like those manufactured and sold by the company MOSO for your kitchen worktop. These are treated for better resist shocks et be more sustainable. Bamboo glulam is particularly recognized for being more resistant than some glulam wood. Be careful, however, not to put hot dishes directly on your worktop since it fears the heat! 

III. Wood: a staple of sustainable furniture

          We have told you about the plant materials to use at home. One of them, wood, remains a flagship and timeless piece of your interior. The different varieties of wood will allow you to choose the one you need according to its strength or even its color.

       Wood thus has the particularity of blending with all types of interiors. It brings more smoothly. to spaces and also allows warm the room by its colors and its raw appearance.

    Generally used for furniture or in construction, the Oak has the advantage of being very strong and durable. In addition, its light colors allow it to be adapted with all types of decoration. Oak wood with a black wall for mix modern and classic or with light tones for a cozy spirit, cocooning, it is obvious that your furniture will find its place in your decoration.

photo credit: @

       If you want to choose another wood, the birch is also widely used for the manufacture of furniture. Here too, the cream, beige shades of this tree will give you the opportunity to associate it with a decoration and elements in light tones to bring your interior a touch of serenity in a simple and uncluttered atmosphere

      In reality, whether you choose oak, birch, beech, or more exotic wood (teak, eucalyptus), there is no doubt that these natural materials will blend perfectly with your interior. In addition, if the natural color does not suit your decoration, nothing prevents you from repainting it since wooden furniture is very easy to paint.  

Wood: sparingly or abundantly

     One of the major trends of recent years is the construction of housing entirely (or almost) in wood! However, you don't have to think big to integrate wood into your home. Indeed, as we have shown you, wood goes very easily with any type of interior. So you can use it in any room of your home. In the bedroom, for example, you can opt for a wooden headboard, as well as a chest of drawers to warm the room.

DIY idea: if you want to make your own bed with wood, opt for a pallet bed; very trendy now and in addition, you can create it to measure! 💡

photo credit: @mylittleboheme

       You don't want to put a big piece of wood in the rest of your home? You can simply lay out some wooden shelves in your living room, bathroom or even your kitchen and pantry to store your food products for example!

       If you like to do DIY, you can also create your own furniture like a dining table by choosing a solid wood top (minimum 2,5 cm thick) and steel legs, for a friendly, warm and designer table created with ease.

       If you want to furnish small spaces, you also have the possibility of make a console with a wooden top and steel legs to stay in the same spirit as your table for example! You can easily place your console in your entrance hall to give character to your home from the entrance.     

        Finally, the advantage of wood is that it fits perfectly as outdoor furniture. It is very resistant tohumidity and heat. If you do not want to put wood in your interior, you can very well adopt it for your outdoor furniture. It will do wonders!

      To find out the most suitable wood for outdoor use, do not hesitate to read our article “Which top to make my outdoor table?”, we give you all our advice and recommendations in terms of wood. 

III. Focus on recycled plastic:

the new decorative and sustainable trend!



      You probably already know it, but plastic is the number one pollutant in the oceans. 5000 billion : this is the number of pieces of plastic floating in the oceans according to National Geographic. Always according to National Geographic, more than 6,9 billion tonnes of plastic waste have been produced since 2015. Of these 6,9 billion tonnes, only 9% were recycled, 12% incinerated. The remaining 79% are accumulated in landfills or in nature. 

     In France, 22% of our waste is recycled but growing concerns for the environment question the use of plastic, especially when we know that more than 40% of plastic is only used once before being thrown (cf: National Geographic).

But how to reduce
our plastic waste?

    Be aware that in recent years, the recycled plastic is becoming increasingly important. It is not only recycled in the fashion and textile sector but also in interior architecture ! Good news for those who want original decorative elements, and creative while helping to reduce our impact on the environment.

     New brands are indeed launching into the design of furniture in recycled material. And rest assured, once recycled, plastic is very resistant and especially development. You will therefore be able to keep your table top for many years. 

photo credit: @

photo credit: @ 

”Eye Candy Sofa table”

     Do you want other decorative inspirations? So choose a table top in recycled plastic with terrazzo effect. This material, usually composed of fragments of natural stones consolidated with cement, is very trendy nowadays. And good news, several brands specializing in plastic recycling have fun imitating it to give their products a terrazzo effect.

      To recreate the color fragments, plastic of different colors (yoghurt pots, packaging, etc.) is used, then crushed and pressed in order to be consolidated. Very solid et resistant, the rendering is incredible and very similar to terrazzo (another name for terrazzo).

        So you can create great furniture by choosing a tray with fragments of colors that match your interior.

       There again, you will have the possibility to put recycled plastic in several places of your interior: like workplan in your kitchen, table top for your dining room or coffee table top, the choice is yours! For the latter two, you can combine them with the feet of your choice for create a design piece of furniture and in accordance with your interior! 

We have thus presented you some natural materials and / or sustainable to furnish your interior. Here are the subjects to remember for this new year: 

  • the mineral matter like sandstone, marble or terracotta for natural and refined tones. These natural materials offer a touch of sobriety and refinement to your interior while remaining in line with current trends. Their asset? They go with all styles of decoration. Bohemian spirit or modernism and minimalism: it is up to you to choose the natural material that will bring a durable aspect to your decoration
  • the plant materials like rattan or bamboo for a bohemian interior. Durability, simplicity, authenticity are all words that could qualify these materials. In addition, they easily match with all types of interiors to give a warm and natural spirit to your decoration. 🍃
  • le wood : the unbeatable material furnishings for a timeless decoration. This material warms the interiors while bringing a rustic effect to your room. The varieties being diverse and varied, it's up to you to choose the type of wood that will best match your decoration! 
  • le recycled plastic like the new trend to adopt. Waste is a important factor of environmental pollution. Many brands are adopting the concept of recycled plastic in order to create original, solid and durable furniture to dress up your interior and give a second life to a material thrown too easily.

Find all our advice and DIY in our section

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The Ripaton team 🚀

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