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The 4 golden rules for fitting out your dressing room! đź’ˇ

Sometimes complicated to fit out or add to a room (lack of space), the dressing nevertheless remains a essential element if you want to store and organize your clothes. Cupboards in the bedroom, room entirely dedicated to your wardrobe or open dressing room, here is our advice on how to set up your dressing room while optimizing space. 

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Choose the location of your dressing room:


Usual place to store clothes, there is however several ways to install a storage cabinet depending on the layout and size of your room. Facing or next to the bed, we give you some ideas.

Facing the bed: 

Si your room measures more than 10m² (namely that a standard parental room measures 12 m²) you can choose to place your storage unit in front of your bed or slightly offset so as not to waste space. This is a rather training et ergonomic. It allows, in fact, to free the sides of the bed while leaving free the passage between the latter and the cabinet.

Note, however, that to circulate without difficulty, you must count between 60 and 75 cm of space between the bed and the furniture. If the space is less, perhaps opt for a smaller model or for sliding doors (you will gain space for sure!). đź‘š

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For the arrangement of furniture? You can opt for a three-door wardrobe (two for the wardrobe and one for the shelves) with a mirror on the door that will give depth to your room (and make it bigger). 

Then, arrange wall shelves on either side of the cabinet to optimize space, have more storage, organize and fit out your dressing room. For example, add wicker baskets (or whatever material you want) to store things you don't want to show (bed linen, underwear, etc.).

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Next to the bed :

Si your room is less than 10 m² and that it quickly seems cluttered with furniture, we advise you to opt for a simple two-door wardrobe.

Indeed, there are, for example, various models offering both a wardrobe side and several drawers or shelves for storing linen, clothes, shoes or accessories.

You can also add a chest of drawers under the window which will allow you not to waste space while saving space for storing clothes. However, for this type of room, avoid attaching too large wall shelves so as not to overload the space. 

On the contrary, go for light colors like white or beige for light up the room et expand space. Choose for example white furniture such as a bed frame, wardrobe and chest of drawers. You can also give a magnitude effect by attaching a large mirror to the wall or by purchasing a cabinet with a mirror door. 

Furnished room:

If the living space of your house or apartment allows it, you can also dedicate an entire room to your clothes. Indeed, who has never dreamed of having a large dressing room so you don't have to wonder where to store all your stuff? Well know that if you have a room of 3,5 m² minimum such as a laundry room, a pantry that you deem too small for your liking to make anything out of it, this is the perfect place to install your walk-in closet. 

Thus, in a room of 3,5 m², you can easily install multiple storage. Corner cupboard or not, storage with or without doors, wardrobes, wall shelves, steel racks fixed to the wall or to the floor,… all possibilities are permitted. 

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In any of these cases, here is dimensions to remember : đź’ˇ


50 cm minimum with doors

45 cm minimum without doors

60 cm minimum

150 cm minimum for coats, dresses

110 cm minimum for pants, shirts

50 cm minimum between each shelf
Width1 meter = 3 to 5 jackets or about 10 shirts40 cm minimum 

What if the available space is not sufficient for a closed dressing room?

Sometimes the missing space forces us to reduce our wardrobes or cram our clothes into a closet cluttering our bedroom. To address this problem, more and more people are opting for the clothes rack

Indeed, although cupboards are very practical for tidying up and hiding your wardrobe thanks to hinged or sliding doors, there are more and more models and styles of supports making it possible to highlight each of your pieces any taking only little space. đź‘—

Le open walk-in closet is settling more and more in our interiors. It becomes not only a storage room but also decoration. Your most beautiful pieces are thus highlighted! 

Available in different sizes and different materials, you will have no trouble finding the one that suits you best. However, as your clothes will be visible to everyone, be sure to organize your clothes rack (by color, for example) and not to overload it.

How to choose your clothes rack?

The amount of clothes 

As a first step, you must organize your wardrobe and see what you want to put on your rack or not. Indeed, the amount of clothing is a determining factor in the selection of your clothes rack since depending on the weight and volume, it could become unstable or even break.

The space available in your room 

Then another point to take into account is quite simply the available space that you want to devote to your wardrobe. In order to ensure that the rack will not take up all the space and prevent movement, be sure to take the necessary measures upstream (width, height, depth) .đź“Ź

To give you a better idea of ​​the dimensions, you can refer to the sizes indicated previously (“Fitted room”) which are valid both for cabinet-type furniture and for clothes racks. Note all the same that 60 cm minimum between the rack and the wall (or furniture) are necessary in order to move freely.

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The materials  

Once the first two steps have been taken, it is time to choose the material of your clothes rack. First of all, if the garment load is more than 20kg, forget about plastic or low-end racks! Indeed, this type of rack could become unstable indeed break under the weight of your wardrobe. In addition, plastic racks have a much less aesthetic rendering than materials such as wood or steel for example. 

Speaking of these, know that these two materials are perfectly resistant to time et by weight. So you can hang all types of clothes without fear of your clothes rack falling under the weight of your wardrobe. In addition, they will bring a bohemian (for the wooden rack) and industrial (for the steel rack) effect to your room!

Maximum chargeabout 15 kgfrom 15 to 80 kg (nf: clothes rack in pine La Redoute)over 100 kg
Average pricebetween € 15 And € 20 (nf: wearing simple Castorama)  between € 80 And € 300 (nf: clothes rack in pine La Redoute)from 60 to 340 € (Ripaton clothes racks) 

Can't find the perfect size for your room?

Know that at Ripaton, we are launching our range of tailor-made clothes ! Indeed, we know that it can be difficult to find the right clothes rack for the layout and size of your room. Therefore, we thought it was important to offer you products fully adapted to your project and your interior. 

So you can now contact us to find out more and to ask to create your clothes rack for a made-to-measure wardrobe. 🤗

So, ready to fit out your walk-in closet? 

clothes rack - Ingenious - raw steel
The ingenious
Clothes rack - Flexible - raw steel
The Flexible
Clothes rack - Neat - raw steel
The Ordered
Clothes rack - Skillful - raw steel
The right

Also find all our tips, tricks and DIY to help you make your furniture or to inspire you! 

See you soon ! 

The Ripaton team 🚀

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