5 coffee table ideas that you can easily make yourself!

Do you know what is particularly important to us? To offer you quality products adapted to your projects, your desires to allow you to unleash your creativity. Table of ...

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Ripaton shelf foot

The new kids of the Ripaton collection have arrived!

A new foot, new colors ... There is something new in our little hairpin legs! Come and discover them quickly (and why not, fall under their spell ...) ...

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Sink cabinet customized with RIPATON hairpin legs

What feet for my bathroom?

If you already know us a little, you may know that at Ripaton, we are not afraid of challenges. Not content with being able to be useful for your table creations, ...

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Create a nice indoor bench with Ripaton hairpin legs

Today, we wanted to give you inspiration to create pretty things with our little feet. Here is a small DIY tutorial to create a small decorative bench, easily ...

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palette and hairpin leg

Which medium should I choose for my hairpin legs?

At Ripaton, we talk to you a lot about our feet. But what about the supports that accompany them? In this little guide, we have decided to show you which ...

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Which foot should I choose to make my coffee table?

The coffee table is THE flagship creation of the Ripaton community! Want to make your own but don't know which foot to choose? Read the article to learn ...

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Which leg to choose for my dining table?

The table where you take your meals does not have as much character as before and you would like to change it? Don't panic, Ripaton's feet are there to bring ...

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Which foot to choose to make a bench?

We love benches in all their forms at Ripaton! Here is a short guide to creating an original bench that reflects your image with our hairpin legs ...

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Personalize your IKEA furniture with hairpin legs

Today we wanted to be creative at Ripaton! Here is a creative idea to personalize a simple Ikea piece of furniture into a design and trendy piece of furniture.

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Team Ripaton

Ripaton is 2 years old!

It's already two years since the Ripaton adventure began! And it is above all a big thank you, to you, our beautiful community which has seen us grow day after day.

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outdoor table

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