My Falafel: At the heart of a gourmet and eco-responsible concept.

This year we have decided to show you some of our collaborations thanks to various entrepreneurs that we have supported, in order to present their project and share their creations. Today we present to you Alexandra and My Falafel, recently opened in Montpellier. She called on our services to help her create her furniture and fit out her restaurant. 🥙

Photo Falafel my restaurant

Meeting with Alexandra Germain:

A few words about you?

Hello, my name is Alexandra, I am 30 years old and I have been an entrepreneur since 2013. Passionate about cooking and “finger food” (dishes prepared to be eaten directly with the fingers), I am the manager of two restaurants in Montpellier : 

My Wraps opened in 2013 and My Falafel that we opened at the start of the year. 

Could you tell us more about this restaurant project? 

Concerned about the environmental impact, I was keen to create a concept "Conscientious", where it was possible to eat at the same time greedy, while respecting the planet. 

At My Falafel, it is about fresh and local products. packagings that we use are 100% compostable et reusable. Regarding the decoration and the atmosphere that I wanted to give to my restaurant, I wanted to stay in line with my concept and offer a decoration natural, sustainable, welcoming and exotic! 🍃

The sustainable: at the center of decoration and development

What style of decoration and atmosphere do you want for your restaurant?

I wanted above all something easy and vegetal with natural materials, of the colours et materials reminiscent of nature. So that's why I chose to use, for example, wood for the tops, but also for the large cleats on the wall. This allowed us to create a simple universe et clean to which we have added "signature" elements such as a fully green ceiling to accentuate the natural side without overloading the restaurant. 🌱

“Play with colors and materials for an impression of travel and zen when entering the restaurant.”

harmonious table legs

Did you have any constraints or specific wishes for your restaurant? 

The goal was tooptimize space. We therefore opted for small tables for two while having large tables capable of accommodating several people. However, regardless of the type of table, we wanted to comfortable furniture, ergonomic format et easily movable without taking up too much space.  


Furniture in harmony with its environment:

example intrepid foot

Why did you turn to Ripaton for this project?

In association with the values ​​of my concept, I wanted to work with a brand local, sustainable, responsible whose values ​​were similar to mine. To choose Ripaton So it seemed obvious to me!

I also wanted to be able create my furniture and my tables so that they meet my desires, my needs and that it is in adequacy with my decoration. I also needed different types of table legs : central legs, legs for benches, and for large convivial tables. 🧆

How did we meet your expectations?

I needed large tables with custom-made legs. Ripaton was able to do exactly what I wanted! I could configure to the nearest centimeter the height and width of the table legs so that they adapt perfectly to my tops.

I also wanted to place tables on the terrace of the restaurant. So I needed feet that could be used outdoors (powder coating) and specific holes so that the tables are fixed to the ground. Finally, the legs were produced quickly, which was a real added value.

“Ripaton offered me a

anti-corrosion powder coating and

UV protection perfectly matched

to my needs. ”

You chose our “Harmonious” table leg, why this one?

As I wanted tables that were both cozy for two, but also beautiful and design, the HARMONIOUS model (central leg for small tables) met this need. It is perfect with my round trays. It is both solid, ergonomic format et light and, allowing me to move tables easily.

You have also opted for tailor-made “Intrepid” feet: what led you to choose tailor-made? 

I opted for "Intrepid" feet custom made, because I had several constraints in terms of the size of my trays. These being large, I needed feet adapted to their size. I also needed special holes This is why I decided to choose the “Intrepid” feet.

Finally, does the result match what you imagined?

Perfectly! The tables are beautiful and match the ambience and decoration that I wanted. 

I am glad ! ❤️

You too, create your unique and tailor-made space with our products!
The Ripaton team 🚀

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