How to make the ideal dining table for your interior?

Before starting the making your table, it is necessary to have a precise idea of ​​the type of table desired. Large, small, round, square or rectangular? You will have to opt for the one which will not clutter your room but which will allow you to share good times with family or friends. Dimensions of the plateau, choice of material et feet and achievement : we tell you all about how to make your dining table! 💡

How much space should I allow for my table?

A table can quickly become cumbersome when it is not suited to the room. So the first step before making a table is to take measurements. Measurements of the top, of course, but also of your room! This will let you know exactly how much space is available for your table.  

In fact, to be able to move around freely without having to move the chairs, it is recommended to leave a space of 110 cm minimum between the table and the wall (or other furniture that may interfere with movement). Thus, be sure to leave enough space between so that you do not have to disturb your guests each time they pass. 

Table dimensions diagram

After taking the measurements, it will be easier for you to determine the maximum dimensions for your table. 

To give you a more precise idea: If your room is 8 meters long and 6 meters wide, then you can opt for a table of 5,80 x 3,80 m because: 800 (length) - (110 × 2) = 580 cm and 600 (width) - (110 × 2) = 380 cm.📐

What table top dimensions should I choose for my table?

Once the first step of the work is done, comes the time to choose the size and type of table you want. A round table for 4 people or a rectangular table for 8 people? The choice depends only on you, your desires and your use. To help you, we have decided to give you a few tips to allow you to choose the table that best suits your needs.

A table for small spaces:

Sometimes we don't have thespace needed to install a large table in our living room. Small apartment or small kitchen, nothing prevents it is still necessary to have a table to share a meal with family or friends. 

photo credit: sunny circle studio

When the space in which you want to put your table does not exceed 3,5 m in length and width (let's assume that your room is square and that it is therefore 7 m²), we advise you to opt for a table that can accommodate 2 to 4 people. 

Indeed, if we think back to the fact that to move freely, 110 cm are necessary on each side of the table, you will be able to have a table measuring up to 130 cm long / wide. 

Thus, such a length will allow you to have the choice between a rectangular table 110 x 90 cm for 4 people or one 120 x 120 cm square table for 4 people also.

Also note that by opting for a round table you will save space since a table of diameter 90 cm will allow you to be 4 at the table. 

Here is a table to help you better understand:

 Rectangular tableSquare tableTable ronde
For 2 peopleX70 x 70 cm  80 cm 
For 4 people110 x 90 cm  100x 100 cm to 120x 120 cm 90 cm 

What table top dimensions to choose for a larger room?

Photo credit: Deco Planet

We have seen that for a room of 7 m², the choice of a table for 2 or 4 people was preferable. However, if your space is larger and more open, you can opt for the format above and choose a table for 6 to 8 people

To give you an idea, to have a table of 8 people you must have a room measuring at least: 4,60 m long and 2,95 m wide (4,60 mx 2,95 m = 13,57 m²) .📏

Many people choose to have a table of 6 to 8 people at home. At a time functional et less bulky than some other tables, it allows you to share moments with family and / or friends without taking up too much space.

Sizes may vary whether you decide to place a guest at the end of the table or not. However, be aware that in general these tables do not exceed 180 cm in length. 

 Rectangular tableSquare tableTable ronde
For 6 people

180 x 75 cm * OU 120 x 90 cm **

X120 cm
For 8 people

240 x 75 cm *** OU 180 x 90 cm ****

160 x 160 cm  150 cm 

* For a 6-person table with 3 people on each side of the table.

** For a 6-person table with 2 people on each side of the table and 1 person at each end. 

*** For a table for 8 people with 4 people on each row.

**** Table 8 people with 3 people on each row + 1 person at each end of the table.

And what dimensions for a tray of 10 to 12 people?

"More the merrier, the merrier ! ” For large tables, the arrangement of the guests may vary. One or two people at the end of the table to leave more space for those in the rows, anything is possible. Just remember that if you decide to place two people at each end of the table, you will have to opt for a larger table width and go from 90 to 120 cm wide.  

For tables 10 people, we recommend a 300 cm x 75 cm table. This will allow you to place 5 guests on each side of the table. However, be sure to choose a plate that is thick enough (minimum 2,5 cm) and sturdy to prevent it from bending (due to weight) over time. Same thing for table legs, choose legs that will perfectly withstand the weight of the tabletop in order to hold it correctly.       

If you want to put a person on either side of the table, you can opt for a length of 240 cm (by 90 cm of width). 

photo credit: The Condé Nast Publications
 Rectangular tableSquare tableTable ronde
For 10 people

300 x 75 cm * OU 240 x 90 cm **

X180 cm
For 12 people

280 x 120 cm ***

200 x 200 cm  200 cm

* For a table of 10 people with 5 people on each side.

** For a 10-person table with 4 people on each side and 1 person at each end. 

*** For a table 12 people with 4 people on each row and 2 people at each end of the table. 

You have chosen the dimensions of your tray but you are wondering how high should your table be and which seat should you choose? Click just here, everything is written ! 💡

What material should I choose for my table top?

Once the dimensions of your tray have been chosen, all you have to do is find the one that will be both practical but which will change your interior and bring a real plus to your decoration. In terms of materials, many choices are available to you:

  • le wood : a decoration indestructible. It will also adapt well to a traditional decoration that modern and minimalist. In addition, very resistant to time, you can use it indoors and outdoors (apply a layer of varnish to protect it). 
  • le recycled plastic : new trend that has appeared in recent years: its aesthetics and originality are all the rage! Resistant and in different aspects: terrazzo, colored or plain, you can adopt it without hesitation. 
  • le marble : There are a variety of colors that will allow you to choose the best suited to your interior. Marble top black, white or red you can easily associate them with steel feet raw or matt black. The result ? A modern and refined table.
photo credit:

Find all our decoration ideas with natural and raw materials in our article:             “What natural and sustainable materials for your interior decoration?”  ????

Which leg to choose for my dining table?

Choosing the right table leg doesn't just stop at how it looks. Indeed, you also need take into account the size and thickness of your board since according to these two criteria, the foot will vary. Usually we recommend a minimum thickness of 2,5 cm. However, your table top may be thicker depending on the material chosen. For example, some wooden trays such as oak or beech can be 5 cm (or even more) thick. 

In general and so as not to get lost in all our explanations, remember that our models such as “the original" where the "Strong" are perfect for tables not exceeding 1,60 m long / wide. Feet "Intrepid”Can be used for larger supports (table 2 meters long for example). Indeed, they can support up to 100 kg per foot. Finally our central foot “Harmonious”Will be ideal for your round dining table! 

Here is a small selection of our perfect steel legs to build your table:

Place to manufacture:

Once your table top has been chosen and the measurements taken, it is now time to build your table. 🔨

Here is what you will need to make a rectangular wooden table for 6 people à less than 210 € with our “Original” feet in raw steel (anti-rust treatment):

  • 1 board wooden 120 x 90 cm (around 80 € depending on the type of wood, the thickness)
  • 4 feet “Original” raw steel in 71 cm (29 € / foot or 116 €)
  • 12 screws (provided)
  • 1 pencil 
  • 1 drill
  • Varnish (wood treatment oil at € 7,90 on our website) or color for the finishes
  • 1 sander or sandpaper

First of all, if your table top is slightly damaged or if you want a raw wood table top, sand it using an eccentric sander or sandpaper. Then, varnish it to protect it and facilitate its maintenance. 

Once the varnish is dry, position your 4 feet on the back of the tray and mark landmarks in pencil. This will make it easier for you to screw in and ensure the feet are correctly placed and straight. Depending on the thickness and composition of your tray, you will need pre-drill your tray. This step is essential since it will allow you to keep your board intact.  

Small tip: To carry out a pre-drilling, we advise you to use a drill whose diameter is similar to the body of the screw (for “Original” feet approximately 5 mm). 

Once the pre-drilling has been carried out, it's time to lay down your feet ! To do this, nothing could be simpler, take your drill and screw the 12 screws to your plate (3 per feet). 

You just have to turn your table and you're done:

You have just made your dining table! 

photo credit: lb_deco
So we gave you our advices to make your dining table!
If you can't remember everything we said to each other, here is a little recap :

How to make my dining table? The different steps : 

  • step n ° 1 : measure the space available in your room : Remember that you must leave at least 110 cm around your table to allow you to move without being hampered and without disturbing your guests. 
  • step n ° 2 : choose the size of the tray tailored to your room and your needs. Table of 2,4,6,8 or 10 people, it is up to you to choose the one that suits best. 
  • step n ° 3 : which material to choose for your table top? This is the step that will allow you to define the style of your table. Wooden top for more naturalness, recycled plastic for originality or marble top for more modernity: it's up to you! 
  • step n ° 4 : the choice of feet : depending on the size of your table top and its thickness, the table legs to choose will not be the same. If your table top measures more than 1 m and is more than 70 cm thick: “Intrepid” feet will be more suitable than “Strong” feet for example. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us ! 
  • step n ° 5 : the making ! Now all you have to do is arm yourself with your best tools to secure your table top to your feet and create a superb table. 

Also find all our tips, tricks and DIY to help you build your table or to inspire you! 

See you soon ! 

The Ripaton team 🚀

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