How to enhance your terrace with our balcony shelf?

The beautiful days are here and the days and evenings with family or friends around a good meal or a drink are felt. To best appreciate these moments, what better thancreate a cozy and warm exterior. Garden furniture, plants, garlands: all of them will help you to organize your terrace or balcony as best as possible to make the most of your summer days. À Ripaton, we also know that aesthetics rhyme with practicality. That's why, we created and launched our superb balcony shelf “L'Estival” to allow you to decorate your exterior and spend pleasant moments around a brunch or a drink. 

For the second limited edition of our kit, we tell you all about how to use it, assemble it and attach it to your balcony. So don't wait any longer and discover (or rediscover) “L'Estival”! ☀️

How to arrange your balcony with the Estival?

The furniture :

Who says terrace, says sun and says relaxation. So what better than garden furniture to make the most of these moments of pleasure. For the furniture, several options are available to you: 

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  • Un 100% DIY furniture to let your artist's soul speak for itself and (above all) your talents as a handyman. You will be able to create a pallet sofa (very trendy in recent years) and a coffee table with a wooden tray and steel table legs. These two materials are very resistant to time and bad weather (however, be sure to protect them with varnish before using them). In addition, the wood is a timeless material which will bring an aspect authentic et warm to your furniture. Steel meanwhile, will give a side industrial and raw to your furniture. A 100% winning combination that will allow you to personalize your exterior and arrange it according to your tastes and desires. Add seat cushions, in the color of your choice, for optimal comfort and a guaranteed moment of relaxation.
  • Are you less skilled with your hands? No panic, one woven resin garden furniture ou made of metal will fit perfectly. These two materials are resistant outdoors and also ask low maintenance. However, be careful not to expose them to too much humidity or too strong weather that could mark the furniture. Available in several colors, you can also let your desires speak for themselves and opt for colored tones for a terrace full of vitality or more neutral tones for a cozy exterior. 

Attention: also make sure you have a parasol to shelter you from the sun in the event of strong heat! 

The decoration :

Plants :

Photo credit: One kindesign

Once the furniture has been chosen, the time comes for the arrangement. First of all, if you want to hide yourself from prying eyes, we advise you to opt for canisses or a green breeze. These breezes are easy to install and are a good visual barrier to protect you from vis-à-vis. In addition, if you choose a plant barrier, you will bring a little touch of greenery to your balcony.

As for the cost, you can easily find canisses in DIY stores for ten euros / meter. Of course, at this price, it is a classic breeze view. For more originality or strength, you will need to count more (according to the seller: around twenty euros for a plant breeze).

If you do not want to bet on canisses, you can always opt for Plant. They will bring a real plus to your balcony and depending on their height, they can also hide you from outside view.

However, if you don't have a green thumb, choose shrubs ou plants like lavender or oleander for example. In addition to bringing a touch of color to your terrace, these two plants only require very low maintenance and can be placed in the sun risk-free (ideal when your balcony is not sheltered). 🌼

The lights:

An element that is often overlooked is thelighting. When night falls, it is sometimes difficult to see what is on our plate. In order to remedy this, you can for example opt for outdoor suspensions in wicker or metal (according to your tastes) that you can hang on your parasol. This will give a diffused light to illuminate your entire terrace. 

For decoration, nothing prevents you from hanging a garland on your railing and placing a few candles / lanterns on your terrace.  

Photo credit: ByOpaline
so here's some ideas of furniture and decoration to help you arrange your terrace / balcony in a cozy and welcoming place. However, for more functionality and for your guests who like to enjoy the evening standing while admiring the view; it may be good to provide a support allowing them to put a glass, a small plate, etc.  And that's where our superb “Estival” balcony shelf !  

A wooden shelf to combine charm and resistance:

Estival is the mix 100% French wood and steel for a functional and natural look. This kit, composed of 4 solid pine boards, selected from a French carpenter to ensure the better and resistance to time and bad weather (be careful, however, to varnish the wood well before use!) and steel fixings made in our workshop to guarantee solidity and stability, will allow you to put your glass or breakfast in complete safety. 

She will be a real space saving allowing you to put some decorative elements or your breakfast while taking advantage of the morning sun to wake up gently. (Be careful, however, not to place items that are too heavy or unstable, or they may fall.)

balcony shelf photo

In addition, as we know that all balconies are different from each other, we have thought of a model that can adapt to many types of railings. So, if your balcony has a square, rectangular railing or rounded ends : there is no doubt that our “Estival” kit will adapt perfectly to this one. 

This small tablet will bring a real charm to your balcony and will blend perfectly with other decorative accessories such as plants, lights and other furniture giving your exterior a cozy and warm appearance. 🌷

How to assemble your balcony shelf?

Once your balcony has been laid out, it's time to finalize the decoration and assemble the Estival. To do this, here are the different steps to mount and fix your shelf to the railing of your balcony. 🔨

Step 1: Gather the tools:

  • 1 Summer kit
  • 1 screwdriver
  • 1 meter
  • 1 treatment oil

Step 2: Preparation and assembly:

After you have gathered the tools and materials, open your kit and place the different items on the floor or a table: 

  • 2 boards 78 x 14 x 1,8 cm 
  • 2 boards 78 x 10 x 1,8 cm 
  • 2 flat plates 
  • 2 brackets
  • 4 Trcc M6 bolts
  • 4 wing nuts
  • 20 wood screws
  • 2 sides finishes

Before you start editing, bring a brush and the treatment oil. Indeed, before any use, we advise you to varnish your boards every 6 months in order to protect them and give them shine. For this, we recommend a 100% natural oil like the one available on our site.

Little tip: to avoid brush marks, be sure to apply the varnish lengthwise. 

Once the varnish is dry, place to manufacture

Step 1: positioning the brackets and fixing the board.

In order to hold your tablet on the railing, you will first need to choose the spacing between your two brackets. For this, we advise you a distance of 30 cm between the two elements. 📏 

Once positioned, take the board (78 x 10 x 1,8 cm) with the RIPATON stamp and fix it to the lower part of the brackets using 4 wood screws. 

A word of advice: for the wood to work properly, make sure to leave about 3 mm between the top of the board and the edge of the square 

Step 2: fixing the boards

After fixing the first board, you need to do the same with the three boards following. So, take the two wooden boards measuring 78 x 14 x 1,8 cm and fix them to the brackets with 8 wood screws (4 on each side). 

Drill the boards and then insert two Trcc M6 bolts in each of the two holes on the two brackets (4 bolts in total). These will be used to fix your kit to the railing. (I.e.

Finally, screw the last board (4 wood screws) to the upper part of the brackets. 

Step 3: the steel finishes.

If you've made it this far, it's because you are a real handyman ! A little more patience and your Estival kit will be assembled. 

In this step we will show you how to fix the steel parts to your shelf. Rest assured, nothing too rocket science since here, you will only need the two fasteners (steel) and 4 wood screws. 

First, position a steel border on one side of the shelf. Make sure that each fixing hole (one below and one behind) either on wooden planks before screwing. Once this first part is done, you know what you have to do. 

Take the other fastener and the last two screws and do the same on the other side. 💡

Step 4: fixing to the railing.

Last step of the assembly and perhaps the most delicate part, because you will have understood it, here, it is no longer a board or fixing to be screwed, but a shelf to be fixed to the balcony. For this you will need: 

  • your Summer (that goes without saying)
  • 2 flat brackets (supplied in the kit) 
  • 4 wing nuts (also supplied) 

First of all, position the tablet on the railing. Once positioned, insert (from the bottom) the first square in the two Trcc M6 bolts (put in step n ° 2). Then, come and fix the square with two wing nuts (see diagram). Nice job, you have just fixed the first side of your Estival. 

The same awaits you on the other side!

Little tip: to make sure the nuts are tight, use pliers.

And there you have it, assembled and fixed your balcony shelf! Breakfast in the sun is yours. ☀️

Create, renovate and share your creations, you are our greatest source of inspiration! 

Do not forget : let your creativity run free

Find all our tips and tricks to stock up on decorative ideas. 

See you soon, 

The Ripaton team. 🚀

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