How to arrange your terrace for the summer?

Recently we shared with you some ideas about how to arrange your balcony with our balcony shelf: Estival. While some of our ideas are of course valid for arrange your terrace, we wanted to group together in one and the same article, some advices et decor ideas to arrange your exterior for the summer. 

So here we are going to talk to you about furniture, fixtures, decoration et arrangement and we'll even show you how make a garden furniture : perfect idea to make the most of summer days.

How to arrange your exterior?

The layout:

It may seem obvious (or even too much) but we sometimes forget it: to arrange your terrace, the first thing you need to think about is to delimit spaces. Indeed, whether you have the possibility of making a large terrace or not, it is important to separate it from the rest of your exterior in order to make it organized and clear. To do this, here are some ideas to help you create and arrange your patio.

Floor :

First idea to delimit a space! You can opt for many materials that will allow you to arrange your terrace according to your style and your desires. Among the various and varied possibilities here are a few:

wooden terrace photo
Photo credit:
  • Wood :

It is and will remain a staple in interior and exterior planning and decoration. Her solidity and robustness give him a resistance to time et bad weather which will allow you to keep your wooden deck for many years. Existing in different aspects and forms, you can install your floor in the way best suited to your exterior.

For large terraces, you can for example opt for solid wood slats or via composite wood to be placed horizontally or vertically depending on the desired effect. Indeed, although we are used to laying the boards or parquet horizontally (in the direction of the facade), choosing to place the floor vertically (in relation to the facade) will give an effect of size and will therefore lengthen your terrace. 

Do you have a small terrace? In this case, you can choose slatted slabs (also wood). Easy to put on and take off, you can arrange them as you wish! 

Wooden blade duckboard
Price per m² From 8,99€ (nf: castorama)  18,80€ (nf: castorama)
  • Rot-proof 
  • weather resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Rot-proof
  • weather resistance
  • weather and UV resistance
Care instructions Easy : 
  • Vernissage once a year
  • cleaning with a broom + soapy water
  • to be treated with an anti-moss if the terrace is in the shade
  • Cleaning with a broom + soapy water
  • application of a saturator to maintain the shine and strength of the material. 
  • to be treated with an anti-moss if the terrace is in the shade. 
  • Stone :

Granite, slate, quartzite, sandstone, there is a multitude of varieties which can give a real charm to your exterior. From a white sandstone to a black granite floor to a honey-colored quartzite tile, each color and material will give a unique style to your terrace. 

 Turkish GraniteSlatequartziteGrès
Price per m²€ 36,67 (nf: Castorama) € 35,60 (nf: Castorama) € 22,90 (nf: Castorama) € 49,89 (nf: Leroy Merlin) 
Care instructionsEasy maintenance with a brush and soapy water (mild soap such as Marseille soap) 

Easy maintenance with a brush and soapy water (black soap, baking soda, soda crystals)


Easy maintenance with a brush and soapy water (black soap)


Very easy to maintain



  • frost resistance
  • weather resistance
  • non-skid
  • high resistance to impacts and scratches
  • frost resistance
  • heat resistance (beware of burns in summer in case of high heat)
  • weather resistance
  • non-skid
  • at the time
  • weather and UV resistance




  • at the time
  • frost
  • to bad weather and UVs
  • non-slip (because porous) 



  • The tiling:

Widely used in shooting as video shooting, tiling remains a must in the flooring. Patterned or plain, colored or rather sober, as with natural stone, the possibilities are diverse and varied. However, some criteria such as color andmaterial appearance are to be taken into consideration in order to choose the right model.

Indeed, for questions of visual comfort (reverberation) and maintenance, we advise you not to opt for too light colors such as beige for example (especially if you are in a very sunny place). In addition, the majority of tiles are smooth. The risk of slipping and falling is therefore increased (even more in the event of rain). An advice, choose your tiles well!


photo of outdoor terrace with tiled floor
Photo credit: Tessa Neustadt
waxed concrete terrace
Photo credit: Pinterest
  • Polished concrete:

Big trend in interior decoration, waxed concrete is also all the rage outdoors. Material with many advantages such as its ease of maintenance, to impact resistance et at the time, it will adapt perfectly to your exterior and to any type of decoration. For the installation, we advise you to call a professional to ensure a perfect result and a good impermeability (to limit the risk of cracks).

The walls :

Do you want a more original idea to delimit your terrace? Decorate your walls !

This tip is of course useful when your patio is not against the front of your house. If you want to bring a little bit of originality to your exterior, you can actually paint or put wooden slats on a section of wall or even hang pictures or mirrors for a sophisticated decoration. Add to that some plants for a touch of greenery and color and to bring some naturalness to your exterior. 

Here is some decoration ideas easy to achieve for an original terrace:

A colored wall 
terrace with terracotta colored wall
Photo credit: Pinterest
Exterior terrace mirror
Photo credit: Pinterest
A green wall
photo wall plant
Photo credit: house side

The face to face

The green wall can also have the advantage of protect from prying eyes. Indeed, if your neighborhood has a direct view of your garden, we recommend that you install breezes for more than tranquility and D' privacy. For this, you can opt for a synthetic barrier with, for example, woven canisses and breezes. For more naturalness, you can choose the palisade system or a plant barrier with a shrub or ivy hedge or a synthetic plant breeze. 

 CanissesWoven privacy screenPalisadePlant privacy screen

25,90 € (H2m x L3m)

(nf: Leroy Merlin)

from € 52,90 (H1,5m x L10m)

(nf: Leroy Merlin)

€ 30,50 (1,80m x 1,80m)

(nf: Leroy Merlin) 

€ 59,90 (ivy plant trellis) (H1m x W3m) 

(nf: Leroy Merlin)

poseEasy with wireEasy (buttonhole border) EasyEasy (without tie)
Resultmedium occultationhigh occultationhigh occultationlight occultation

The furniture :

Who says June says summer! And who says summer often says very hot. To fully appreciate these sunny moments, it is better to bet on adequate furniture and don't forget the essentials. Here are our tips and recommendations for outdoor furniture. ☀️

The outdoor dining table:

The dining table, centerpiece of your terrace, will allow you to enjoy a good meal with family or friends. For this, nothing better than a beautiful furniture et ergonomic format.

 There are lots of different styles and materials to create outdoor furniture. Table in metal, wood, aluminum, you can find all kinds in garden furniture stores! However, you can also create your own dining table using a few materials. You could for example opt for a wooden tray (natural material very resistant outdoors) and steel table legs (if treated against rust, this metal is very resistant to bad weather, humidity, UVs and weather).

Using a screwdriver and elbow grease, you can make easily et quickly an outdoor table.

For more tips on how to make a dining table you can read our article “How to make the ideal dining table for your interior?”. The realization of an outdoor table is similar to that of an indoor table. 

Small tip: If you want to match the seats with the dining table, make benches using a wooden top and steel legs.

The garden furniture:

Other elements not to forget: the garden furniture with the coffee table and the sofas to enjoy the sun while relaxing. Again, there are many choices of materials. Armchairs braided resin, coffee table in metalsofas teak, there is no doubt that you will find the one that matches your decoration. 

However, if you are comfortable with your 10 fingers, you will easily be able to create your own garden furniture with a wooden top or deck boards. The result is great! 

To make your own furniture, we tell you more at the end of our article!

The essential accessories:

Before moving on to the manufacture of your furniture, we need to tell you about some useful accessories in the summer.

green pergola terrace
Photo credit:
  • The Parasol:

First of all, the parasol or the installation of a canvas to protect you from the sun. Indeed, in summer, the latter is quickly a source ofinsolation and Sun burn. This is why, in order not to spoil your moments of pleasure during beautiful sunny days, we advise you to install on your terrace, a parasol, the shade cloth (or a pergola) to protect you from the sun.🌡️

For the models, you can choose the one that best fits the layout of your terrace, your furniture and your home. Fixed or tilting, square, rectangular or round parasol: the possibilities are diverse and varied. The same goes for shade sails! The only thing to take a good look at before buying is the degree of concealment. Make sure that the canvas is opaque to make sure that you will be in the shade.

  • Lighting

Very useful at nightfall, they are sometimes overlooked. Indeed, they are often chosen for the aesthetic aspect and to decorate its exterior; however, they become essential when the sun goes down.

In order to allow you to enjoy your patio even at night without having to squint to see your table neighbor or what is on it, we recommend the use ofindirect lighting which will diffuse the light in a wider radius. To do this, use outdoor pendant lights and hang them on your parasol, a wall, a tree, ... 

However, you can still hang a garland and place a few candles on your coffee table, or lanterns on the ground to decorate your patio. 

outdoor terrace with wicker suspensions hanging from the pergola
Photo credit: El mueble

Place to manufacture:

Now we will explain to you how to make a garden furniture (coffee table and sofa).

🧰 For the realization of a coffee table at less than 200 € you will need : 

  • 2 wooden boards 120cm x 30cm (each) price € 7,90 / board (nf: Leroy Merlin) 
  • 2 Intrepid varnished feet 40cm x 40cm 75 € / feet
  • 8 screws (supplied with the feet)
  • 1 pencil
  • screwdriver
  • varnish or paint for finishes price € 7,90 (processing oil)
  • 1 sander or sandpaper

Step n ° 1: The board:

If your two boards are not smooth to the touch, we recommend that you sand down with an eccentric sander (or, failing that, abrasive paper) to remove the risk of splinters. 

Once this step is done, varnish them ou paint them of the desired color in order to protect and facilitate maintenance. Wait a few hours for drying (you can optionally apply a second coat of paint or varnish if necessary). 

Little tip: if you want to fix the boards together, you can screw two wooden cleats 70 cm long across the width of the boards.

Step 2: The table legs:

Once the board is dry, place it on the ground (protecting it so as not to damage the paint or varnish) and place the first “Intrepid” foot on the reverse side. For the positioning of the feet, you can either put them flush with the plateau or, slightly below (we advise you to place them 10-15 cm maximum from the edge): it's up to you! 🔨

After positioning the foot, mark the drilling holes with a pencil. When the time comes, it will be easier for you to screw on the base. 

Small tip: remember to pre-drill your tray before permanently attaching the feet. This will allow you to keep your media intact. For the forest, choose a diameter slightly smaller than that of the screws (for the “Intrepid” feet approximately 5 mm in diameter) 

When the first table leg is attached, do the same with the second!

And there you have it in just two steps make a superb outdoor coffee table ! To go with ? Opt for 100% DIY furniture and make a sofa. 

How to make an outdoor sofa?

🧰 Materials needed:

  • 4 terrace boards: dimensions 240cm x 12 cm from € 4 per blade (nf: Castorama) 
  • 5 wooden cleats 12 cm long
  • 5 “Intrepid” varnished legs: 40 x 40 cm price 75 € / foot 
  • 20 screws (supplied)
  • screwdriver
  • circular saw
  • varnish 
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 rule

Price: less than 450 € 

Step n ° 1: The boards and the cutting:

In pencil and using a ruler, draw a line 180 cm long. Then take your circular saw and cut the boards.

Once this step is completed, you will obtain

  • 4 boards of 180 cm x 12 cm 
  • 4 boards of 60 cm x 12 cm 

Align the first 4 boards (180 x 12 cm) then screw 3 wooden cleats to fix the boards together. Do the same with the 2 remaining cleats for the other 4 boards (60 x 12 cm) 

Step n ° 2: The table legs and fixing:

(Before starting this step, you can varnish the planks if you wish. However, since these are outdoor planks, they should already be.) 

Place the first “Intrepid” foot on the wrong side of the large table top (180 x 48 cm). Then, as for the coffee table, mark the drilling points and pre-drill the boards. Once done, all you have to do is fix the table legs. 

For the distances? Screw two legs at a maximum of 10 cm from the edge (on either side of the top) and fix the third at an equal distance from the two legs (80 cm)   

What to do with the remaining boards? Do the same with the last two table legs. You can place this small seat wherever you want. Adjoined to the other to create a corner sofa or well spaced to create an armchair: it's up to you! 

All you have to do is have the seat cushions and voila! You have just made a 100% DIY sofa.

DIY sofa in deck board and steel table legs

Here are the essential points to remember if you want to arrange your exterior for the summer:

    • The layout : delimit spaces is an essential point in planning. Floor, wall, vis-à-vis, all these elements must be taken into account before creating a terrace. 
    • The furniture : whether it is a DIY production or not, the furniture is an integral part of an exterior. Dining table, seats, garden furniture, you will have to choose from furniture that is both beautiful and ergonomic. 
    • The shade sail : enjoying the sun is good, but protecting yourself from the rays is even better! So don't forget to buy a parasol or shade sail for keep your head in the shade and avoid sunstroke. 
    • The lights: indirect lighting for a vision as clear as in broad daylight. For it ? nothing's easier : hang suspensions to a tree or a parasol to diffuse the light. For decoration, you can still hang some garlands or have a few candles and lanterns on the ground or on the table! 

Also find all our tips, tricks and DIY to help you make your furniture or to inspire you! 

See you soon ! 

The Ripaton team 🚀

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