coffee table with chevron top and "Généreux" table legs

Home renovation: 5 decorating tips by la_fargeseraie_renovee

Some time ago, we had the chance to discover Marielle and her instagram account @la_fargeseraie_renovee. We fell in love with its decoration, its universe and its DIY talents. If you know his account, you may have seen his superb coffee table made with our “Generous” feet.  Today we therefore wish to introduce you to Marielle and share with you his decorating tips. So if you need advice for renovating your home, don't wait any longer and discover the world of la_fargeseraie_renovee. 🏡


Hello Marielle, we are delighted that you have agreed to share your story with us.

First of all, can you introduce yourself in a few lines?

My name is Marielle, I am 37 years old, I am in charge of communication in the industry. I have been in a relationship for fifteen years with Tarzan, and I have 2 boys of 4 and 6 years old. I also have 2 cats aged 19 and 3, 1 Koi carp and about XNUMX goldfish which all have names (even the promised goldfish). 

I wouldn't teach you anything by saying that I am passionate about botany, DIY and decoration.

At home I am both site manager and my own worker… It avoids shouting matches. I spend most of my free time in tinker and garden

Photo credit: @la_fargeseraie_renovee

"At home I am both a site manager and my own worker"

How did you get on Instagram and what do you like the most about this network?

photo house of la_fargeseraie_renovee
Photo credit: @la_fargeseraie_renovee

At the end of 2019, I created two instagram accounts to share my passions: @pepindebananeverte for the garden et @ la_fargeseraie_renovée for the House. I came to Insta a bit by chance.

Basically I just wanted to save my house and garden photos outside of my computer (I know it's weird) and see what others were doing, so I needed an account!

While booting, I never imagined making so many pretty encounters and exchange so much, I started to do more sharing, DIY, it liked, the accounts grew quickly finally. 

Your account @la_fargeseraie_renovee is dedicated to the renovation of your house and its interior: can you present your house to us?

In 2011 we bought the house, it was fine "Ugly". Indeed, hazardous choices of colors and materials had disfigured it over time. However, it had some charming elements that you would expect from a 1930's house : volumes, height under ceiling, cement tiles, fireplace, floors ..; but it was clearly necessary to be able to project and see beyond appearances. The garden was nonexistent, sealed off by an overwhelming plunging vis-à-vis depriving the exterior of any privacy.

For me all these faults could be compensated for, and I told myself that I could give it back some luster, or even create one for it. 

Photo credit: @la_fargeseraie_renovee

What style do you want to give it?

"My thing to me" is really the moldings, nothing like "pimping" any room, for a house of the 1930s this addiction to moldings fell rather well.

My specialty would be the "poor man's molding", because I never had a big reno budget, I do not buy “Ready Made”. For example, I do “diverted or recovered” molding in DIY like reusing interior doors or furniture elements to create opulent woodwork at a lower cost. 

Photo of bedroom with white painted floor
Photo credit: @la_fargeseraie_renovee

Apart from the moldings, there are also 2 other tips / good plans that I like:

1/ white painted floors : nothing like bringing light into a room and changing the perception of volumes at a lower cost;

2/ weathered facing bricks : these are a bit expensive to buy, but if you install them with real joints andwe patina them with a white paint like a wall worn by time, it's just wonderful. Patinated bricks are a bit my "signature" so people often ask me if it's wallpaper, while the technique of patina is really childish.

(Good deco ideas at a lower cost to use for a home renovation!)

As for the garden, the constraints of vis-à-vis the purchase allowed me to let go of the vegetation and luxuriance. My garden is a jungle, with a multitude of different plants, water points, terraces to discover behind beds and groves on only 400 M2 of land.

I garden ecological, no phyto product, no pesticides here, my jungle garden is also a refuge for wildlife.

photo garden of la_fargeseraie_renovee
Photo credit: @la_fargeseraie_renovee

Where does your passion for decoration come from?

Photo credit: @la_fargeseraie_renovee

Like many people, when I moved into an apartment for the first time, I spruced up a lot of the furniture I bought from EMMAUS. This is how I discovered the joys of DIY and " do it yourself », Combined with my interest in decoration.

Doing work yourself is rewarding but it is above all a significant economic gain. PFor me, the sine qua non condition to make many projects accessible.

"Doing the work yourself is rewarding but above all it is a significant economic gain"

How do you manage to have constant inspiration?

PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM - winning combo of course. As far as I'm concerned, the appearance of Pinterest was a real revolution! Those who were looking for inspiration for their home on “google images” in 2010 will understand me! Now we are still well helped to find inspiration. This tool is awesome.

What is your favorite room at home?

I am really at a loss to answer… does the garden matter?

Photo credit: @la_fargeseraie_renovee

On your account, we can also see several of your DIYs, in particular you made a coffee table with our feet: 

How did you go about making your coffee table?

coffee table with chevron top and "Généreux" table legs
Photo credit: la_fargeseraie_renovee

I looked for a long time (in vain) for a coffee table of large dimensions and not too expensive: to make puzzles with the children, games, family aperitifs, meals "TV trays"…. In short I was looking for a coffee table to be able to do all that, and I did not find it.

I had an old inlaid wooden table top in the garage, in 160cm by 80cm format. The dimensions were perfect! I was just missing table legs. I wanted them stable, Solid, design and the same height as the seat of my sofa which is quite high. The generous 40 cm legs are essential ! IThey are perfect.

I sanded and varnished the wooden top, simply screwed on 4 Généreux legs and the case was complete.

What advice would you give to people who wish to embark on decoration, home renovation and DIY?

First of all do not be afraid to start. A lot of people just don't dare to do it, but most of the time it's easier than you think and very rewarding.

Then, to keep an “open mind”, to think diversion that is, not to see things as they are, but as they could be.

Some tips: the old window frame which could become a glass roof, elements of old woodwork which can become bases or moldings etc….

sample photo of creation of coffee table with "Généreux" steel table legs and herringbone top
Photo credit: @la_fargeseraie_renovee

There you go, we hope you enjoyed reading as much as we did. Do not hesitate to take a look at his account @la_fargeseraie_renovee for fill up on inspiration or simply to discover the beautiful universe of Marielle and the renovation of her house. 

Also find all our tips, tricks and DIY to help you make your furniture or to inspire you! 

See you soon ! 

The Ripaton team 🚀

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