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7 ideas for coffee tables to create yourself 💡

Want a change in your living room without having to spend a fortune on new furniture. Opt for home-made: the Do it Yourself (DIY) is very trendy in recent years! To help you in creating your own furniture, here are our tips and advice. Coffee tables in raw wood for an authentic and rustic appearance or in marble, concrete, recycled plastic or glass for a modern and design spirit, here are all our deco and DIY ideas original, adapted to your style!

The dimensions :

Before choosing the materials and embarking on the manufacture of your coffee table, it is important to make sure that the imagined rendering of your coffee table will adapt perfectly to your room. So the first thing you need to think about is the dimensions. Indeed, a table that is too large or too small, too high or too low will not allow you to enjoy it properly. For it here is what you need to remember. 💡

For the table height we usually advise our customers to choose a couch height table or even slightly lower. Thus, by opting for this height, you can enjoy a TV set or an aperitif with friends without having to move in all directions to be comfortably installed. In general, be aware that the standard height a coffee table is located close to 40 cm (you can opt for a table between 25 and 45 cm high depending on your seat).  

idea for a wooden coffee table and steel legs
Photo credit: la_fargeseraie_renovee

Once the measurements are taken, you can start thinking about what materials you would like to make your coffee table. To give you some ideas here are some natural and / or sustainable that you can easily use to create your living room table. 🌳

idea wooden coffee table with steel legs
Photo credit: romane.decatheu

Wood: the timeless material:

Let's start our tour with the preferred material when looking for a table top.

Dining tables, coffee tables, desks or other storage furniture; her resistance and Sustainability allow it to be used for all types of media. In fact, whether you choose oak, beech or acacia, your furniture will keep its luster from the first days for decades (provided you take care of it of course). It is therefore a timeless material to use at home for a spirit natural et brut matching any decoration. ????

In addition, oak or beech wood tops are generally very easy to attach to all types of legs. Be sure to choose sufficiently strong bases et robust like steel, for example, to guarantee good stability and good holding of the plate. 

So oak, pallet or log top, here are our ideas, tips and tricks to use the wood for your coffee table.

Pallet coffee table for a 100% DIY creation

Pallet coffee table made by Amourivement Mode
Photo credit: Lovingly Fashion

First idea of ​​an easy table: a pallet coffee table.🔨

For this special DIY creation, nothing could be simpler. All you need to do is bring: 

  • 1 industrial pallet of the EPAL European pallet type (which you can cut if necessary). 
  • 4 metal table legs of the desired height. 
  • 1 screwdriver
  • screws (supplied with the feet)
  • sandpaper
  • some nail polish. 

Estimated budget: 76 € for the metal legs and around 30 € for the pallet 

Once the necessary material is gathered, all you need to do is lightly sand the pallet in order to smooth the surface and avoid splinters. Then varnish it or apply a coat of paint and screw the 4 table legs.

Go back and voila you come from make your living room table inexpensively and quickly! If you wish, you can also put a glass pane of the dimensions of your table to protect it and facilitate its maintenance. 

Live edge coffee table

live edge coffee table idea
Photo credit: b_belly18

Have you ever heard of plateau live edge ? It is simply a wooden top with jagged edges that give your table a more natural look.

But the live edge doesn't stop there! Indeed, if you want a tray of this type, know that you can also opt for a support with cracks, bark and / or landforms apparent. This will give your table even more charm and instantly bring naturalness to your room.

Log coffee table

As original as the live edge, you can also opt for a wooden log like coffee table top. Very trendy in recent years, it will also bring naturalness to your living room. Raw or varnished, it's up to you to choose the tones that will give the room character. And if you tire of the rough, there's nothing to stop you from applying the paint of your choice to add a touch of pizzazz to your table. 

For a log table, you can either choose a log with a thickness of a few centimeters that you will fix on table legs, or a log of about forty centimeters in height to put directly on the ground.

We advise you to choose the second option if your living room is open and large. Otherwise, the log could overload the room and make it smaller than it is. 

Little tip: here again you can have a glass pane if you want to protect your furniture even more.💡

Idea log coffee table with steel legs
Photo credit: Pinterest

Natural and sustainable materials for the tray

As we told you, wood is an essential material in furniture. However, from year to year the trends change to our delight. So here are new trends in materials that you can easily use in interior design. 


concrete coffee table idea
Photo credit: detroit-expatriate

Material based on cement, aggregate and water; concrete is and will remain a durable material used for large or small jobs. To achieve a DIY coffee table with a concrete top, you will need cement, water and a mold of the desired diameter (you can either buy it or make it). 

Then add metal legs and you will have created a low cost coffee table. What we like about this table is the raw material mix (concrete and steel) which give it an industrial but neutral side allowing it to blend with all types of interiors. 

Terrazzo: a mixture of stones for a refined and colorful table

This material made from natural stone fragments solidified with cement has become a big trend in recent years. Table tops, furniture, bathroom sinks, terrazzo can be found in any room of the house. Both sober and colorful, discreet but bright, it goes very well with other materials. You will therefore have no trouble adding it to your decoration! 

Terrazzo coffee table idea
Photo credit: ilovediy
Terrazzo coffee table idea

Marble: between elegance and timelessness

white marble coffee table idea
Photo credit:


With our 500 varieties, you can easily choose the color best suited to your interior. From a white marble to a black marble via red or green, all choices are allowed.

With this material you make sure you have one table at a time about et stylish which will bring modernism to your decoration. It is certain that it will be a real success! 

Recycled materials

Trend born in recent years, recycled materials such as plastic are all the rage in interior decoration.

If you want a original decoration and unusual, the fashion for recycled plastic is for you. Chairs, decorative accessories, table top, everything is good to furnish your interior with this material.

So why not opt ​​for a recycled plastic coffee table top ? Add steel table legs for 100% durable furniture. 

Table idea with recycled tray
Photo credit: Le Pavé
You have chosen your top but do not know which table leg to choose? Here is our selection of table legs metal design suitable for your decorative projects: coffee table, dining table, desk or other furniture whether in wood, marble, concrete or even glass!  

Also find all our tips, tricks and DIY to help you make your furniture or to inspire you! 

See you soon ! 

The Ripaton team 🚀

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