How to enhance your terrace with our balcony shelf?

The beautiful days are here and the days and evenings with family or friends around a good meal or a drink are felt. To best appreciate these ...

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How to make the ideal dining table for your interior?

Before starting the manufacture of your table, it is necessary to have a precise idea of ​​the type of table desired. Large, small, round, square or rectangular? You'll need ...

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Restaurant: How to properly arrange your terrace?

For 1 year now, the restaurants and bars have lowered the curtain, but their reopening is impatiently awaited. To prepare for this, what could be better as ...

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Which table height to choose?

When buying a table, whether it is a dining table, a coffee table or a high table, you do not always realize the dimensions and its height. ...

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Upcycling: at the heart of the trend!

Did you know that on average a French person throws away 33 kg of furniture per year? Nationally, this represents about 2 million tonnes of furniture thrown away each year. A significant amount ...

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My Falafel: At the heart of a gourmet and eco-responsible concept.

This year, we have decided to show you some of our collaborations thanks to various entrepreneurs that we have supported, in order to present their project and share their creations. ...

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What natural and sustainable materials for your interior decoration?

In recent years, the need and the need to preserve the environment have not ceased to be felt. A craze for natural, sustainable materials has emerged and these are ...

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coworking space

The 5 points to remember when creating your coworking spaces

In recent years, traditional workspaces, in companies, have given way to shared workspaces (from English coworking) thus making it possible to improve conviviality but especially sharing ...

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camille labauhinia

Interior design interview - Camille from the Instagram account @labauhinia and her Ingenious clothes rack

New decoration interview! Camille from the Instagram account @labauhinia talks about decoration and fashion with her Ingenious clothes rack. Between good advice and little anecdotes, discover it through our few ...

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home office

How to make an office that looks like you?

Back to school or telecommuting, the office becomes a necessary element in all our interiors. Indeed, in order to separate the professional from the staff, it is essential to delimit the spaces ...

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Which top to make my outdoor table?

Spring is the ideal time to set up your terrace or garden. To make the most of the long summer evenings to come, we are betting on top-notch equipment, ...

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