Coffee table: what height should I choose for my living room?

Buying or making new furniture undoubtedly involves taking into account a few criteria. Indeed, many are those who choose furniture for its originality, its appearance or its ...

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coffee table idea with white steel foot

7 ideas for coffee tables to create yourself 💡

Want a change in your living room without having to spend a fortune on new furniture. Opt for a homemade production: Do it Yourself (DIY) is very trendy ...

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photo wearing clothes in bedroom

The 4 golden rules for fitting out your dressing room! 💡

Sometimes complicated to arrange or add to a room (lack of space), the walk-in closet is nevertheless an essential element if you want to store and organize your clothes. Cupboards in ...

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How to arrange your terrace for the summer?

Recently, we shared with you some ideas on how to furnish your balcony with our balcony shelf: Estival. If some of our ideas are of course valid for furnishing ...

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How to enhance your terrace with our balcony shelf?

The beautiful days are here and the days and evenings with family or friends around a good meal or a drink are felt. To best appreciate these ...

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How to make the ideal dining table for your interior?

Before starting the manufacture of your table, it is necessary to have a precise idea of ​​the type of table desired. Large, small, round, square or rectangular? You'll need ...

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Restaurant: How to properly arrange your terrace?

For 1 year now, the restaurants and bars have lowered the curtain, but their reopening is impatiently awaited. To prepare for this, what could be better as ...

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Which central table leg should I choose for my table?

We recently gave you some indications on the height to choose according to the type of table. If you haven't read our article, there's nothing stopping you from ...

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Upcycling: at the heart of the trend!

Did you know that on average a French person throws away 33 kg of furniture per year? Nationally, this represents about 2 million tonnes of furniture thrown away each year. A significant amount ...

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My Falafel: At the heart of a gourmet and eco-responsible concept.

This year, we have decided to show you some of our collaborations thanks to various entrepreneurs that we have supported, in order to present their project and share their creations. ...

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What natural and sustainable materials for your interior decoration?

In recent years, the need and the need to preserve the environment have not ceased to be felt. A craze for natural, sustainable materials has emerged and these are ...

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